Transpersonal Astrology


Finding the soul’s purpose

Errol Weiner



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Both spiritual and human factors have an influence on us as individuals and, in the wider context, on world events. How are these, in turn, related to astrology and psychology?

In this fascinating study, Errol Weiner navigates a middle path between the esoteric aspects of astrology and its more popularform, and explores in depth the transpersonal dimensions of both astrology and psychology. Drawing on the teachings of Alice Bailey, he shows how we can understand our purpose here on earth both as individuals and as a race.

Essential to the author’s account is the importance of the Rising Sign in the astrological chart as the key to our spiritual role in life. The Sun he sees as relating to the more limited Lower Self and the Moon – a dead planet in esoteric astrology – to past lives. Equally important is the concept of the Higher Self, which can guide us along the path of spiritual evolution if we are prepared to follow it.

Transpersonal Astrology offers the reader a key to living life in attunement with the universe, and transforms astrology and psychology into a new, living science of life.

Errol Weiner was born and educated in South Africa but came to live at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland in 1978 to study the transpersonal dimension of astrology. He currently spends most of his time touring and working throughout Europe.

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Errol Weiner
Foreword by Alan Iken




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