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Ken’s newest book, The Way it Works is the answer to the ultimate question: why am I here on Earth and what is my purpose here? Ken’s simple and straightforward answers may surprise you. The Way It Works has clear techniques and exercises to follow, with answers which lead you down a fascinating road of self discovery and personal adventure.

This timely book explores such exciting topics as the collapse of time, how to experience dimensional INscension™ and new ways of lucid dreaming. Exploring instantaneous creation, the secrets of life, how to communicate with our Higher Self, the technique of the Living Light Breath™ and how to use this gateway to access Unity Consciousness are alse included. Many more interesting and unusual topics are explored in this exciting, life changin book.

Ken Page is one of the most renown, empathic and naturally clairsentient healers of our time. He is the creator of a revolutionary technique known as Multidimensional Cellular Healing™ and the founder of the Third Eye of Horus Mystery School™. Ken represents the leading edge in bridging realities, awakening soul memory and purpose and balancing the polarities which keep us from full power and creatorship. Ken presently maintains a private practice and a full speaking and teaching schedule throughout the world.

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