The Creation of Health


Merging Traditional Medicine with Intuitive Diagnosis

C. Norman Shealy M.D. Ph.D.
Caroline M. Myss, M.A.



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The Creation of Health is an important book which addresses the crucial spiritual issues which lie at the root of many diseases. Shealy and Myss create an acceptable theoretical framework in which intuitive analysis of problems in the human energetic system, combined with appropriate medical diagnostic testing, may provide a clearer understanding of the reasons behind dis-ease, as well as solutions which may heal the higher causes of illness.

The spiritual dimensions of health have, for too long, been inadequately addressed by those within the so-called healing profession. By drawing upon their personal and professional experiences, Shealy and Myss help to fill an important gap in our understanding of how to synthesize the ever-expanding database of medical information with the higher ‘intuitive’ sources of perception that are available to us all.

– Richard Gerber, M.D.
author of Vibrational Medicine

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C. Norman Shealy
Caroline M. Myss




16 cm x 23,5 cm



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