A Vision of the Aquarian Age




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This book is an attempt to present a spiritual world-view – a new hierarchy of values which will hopefully impart a sense of deeper meaning to life in a difficult age. Such a presentation must necessarily be in broad terms; one may the seek the specific path most suited to his or her own temperament. There are many ways up the mountain, but all lead to the summit. That summit is something towards which more and more of us today are aspiring. The quest for meaning is a noteworthy development of our time. It touches people of all ages and walks of life. It reflects a profound dissatisfaction and disillusionment with materialistic values and the greed which often accompanies them. Man is now seeking a vision that will lift him above a perspective that has proved itself incapable of offering fulfillment. The wind of the spirit blows afresh through our consciousness, bringing with it a new sense of joy and enthusiasm – a word whose original significance we have forgotten, but which once meant “filled by God”.

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